Parents Fight For Justice For Their Baby, Get Rejected For Ridiculous Reason

Imagine if you’re 1-year-old child was left with bruises and scars while in the care of a babysitter you’ve entrusted. Now imagine if a court told you that the babysitter couldn’t be tried since your child can’t talk.

This horrific scenario is what Joshua Marbury experienced after the court system protected his son’s alleged abuser. Even though baby Jacob suffered from a black eye, bruises and a palm print on his face, charges were dropped against the babysitter.

According to the New York Daily News, Oregon detectives told Marbury that his son could have died from the attack, which the babysitter reportedly confessed to.

“After TWO months of waiting we only find out that charges are dropped BECAUSE my one year old cannot tell you verbally he was abused and my son did not show he was in pain OR that this person ‘intentionally did this,’” Marbury wrote on Facebook.

The court’s ruling states that the victim must be able to verbalize the pain he or she suffered. The ruling has allowed animals to have more protection from abuse than children, the Daily News Reports.

Though his injuries have healed, baby Jacob breaks down every time he is separated from his mother.

“... inside, this is gonna follow him,” Jacob’s mother told the Daily News.

She is working to become an advocate to help change the ruling that protects abusers.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: Facebook/Joshua Marbury

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