Parents Are Pleased With New School Signs - But Not Everyone Is

In 1999, the country was shocked and horrified by the news of the Columbine shooting that claimed the lives of 15 people. While it wasn't the first school massacre, widespread coverage seemed to fuel a tragic trend. As a result of gun violence in school, many districts tried to crack down, making schools a gun-free zone. Some argue that this just exacerbated the problem because it left every law-abiding citizen on campus a sitting duck for an armed murderer.

Claude, Texas is taking a new approach. They’re bringing guns onto campuses, deliberately. Signs outside of schools read, "ATTENTION: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE STAFF AT CLAUDE ISD IS ARMED AND MAY USE WHATEVER FORCE NECESSARY TO PROTECT OUR STUDENTS."

The policy has drawn criticism from those who see guns, rather than violent people, as the source of the problem. The policy has also gained much praise from those who are relieved that children will be under the protection of armed, responsible adults.

"Any employee at Claude ISD, any teacher, I feel firmly they would give their life to save a child. Our job is to make sure the kids are safe, that they are comfortable and secure," said Superintendent Jeff Byrd.

Byrd says the sign is no different from a 'beware of dog' sign placed on the front of the home. They're meant to ward off potential attacks. Byrd points to statistics that show school shootings are often copycat crimes by people looking to out-do the last school shooting. The sign is to make any potential threat think twice.

"If there were a perpetrator that entered our building we would be able to hold of the building until the professionals got here," Byrd said.

Source: Raycom Group
Photo: KFDA

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