OJ Simpson Murder Prosecutor Makes Shocking Comment About His Parole

OJ Simpson is set to hit the streets later this year. The disgraced star has been granted parole after serving nine years for an armed robbery gone awry in Las Vegas. Opinions have been all over the map about whether or not the Juice deserves to be set free, and there’s no shortage of them now that we know the answer.

As the Daily Mail shares, former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark was ambushed by a crew at the Los Angeles International Airport to offer up her take. The TMZ reporter wanted to know if she thought Simpson had 'served his debt to society.’
Clark initially blew off the question, but she would then drop a curt reply.

“Maybe on this case,” she said.

Clark rose to fame as the lead prosecutor of the so-called Trial of the Century, which revolved around the slaying of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and an acquaintance, Ron Goldman. Simpson was found not guilty, and scores of observers feel that’s because Clark and company completely botched the case.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but there were plenty of questionable decisions made by the prosecution side during the trial. Simpson’s legal ‘dream team’ took full advantage of that, and there were far too many instances in which the prosecution appeared to be overmatched in the wits department.

Regardless, the jury found Simpson not guilty. A guilty verdict was obtained in a subsequent civil trial, and Simpson has been on the hook for gobs of money ever since. The botched robbery revolved around Simpson attempting to get memorabilia items that belonged to him back in his possession, and let’s just say that things escalated quickly. While Simpson never pulled a gun himself, someone in his entourage did, and all hell broke loose.

Before he knew what hit him, Simpson was facing trial again, and he was found guilty. The judge in that case threw the book at him and slammed him with a lengthy sentence, and many observers took that as a sign of payback for his acquittal in the murder trial. While many applauded the judge for doing that, astute observers point out that empowering judges with the ability to politicize from the bench is never a good thing.

Simpson is due to be set free on October 1, but prison staff isn’t taking any chances before then.

“A spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Corrections told DailyMail.com last week that Simpson had been removed from the general population at Lovelock and placed in a separate area of the prison for his own protections,” the Mail reports. “The decision to move Simpson was made by the staff at Lovelock, and was not the result of any immediate threat.”

That sounds like a wise choice, as who knows if anybody will try to make a ‘name’ for themselves before Simpson is released. In any event, we can fully expect a veritable media frenzy once the Juice is officially sprung loose.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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