O.J. Simpson Is Awaiting Parole - Attorneys Think He Has An Excellent Chance

O.J. Simpson, a 70-year-old former football star and convicted armed robber, continues to retain the celebrity status that began when he was tried and acquitted of the murder of Nicole Simpson, his ex-wife, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Now, with a parole hearing approaching, O.J. faces the possibility of living his life as a free man. Simpson is currently incarcerated in Lovelock Correctional Facility, a low-security prison in Nevada, and he has nearly completed 9 years of his 33-year sentence (for assault with a weapon and armed robbery), the minimum served time before he is eligible for parole.

With 8 years of good behavior and a “clean record,” Simpson’s parole hearing is already being hailed as a bygone conclusion. The only possible holdout is David Roger, a former prosecutor and the man who pushed the hardest for Simpson’s 2008 conviction. However, Roger has played down these rumors, saying: "Assuming that he's [Simpson] behaved himself in prison, I don't think it will be out of line for him to get parole."

Simpson’s parole will take place at Carson City, where he will begin a hearing with four state parole commissioners and two independent monitors. According to David Smith, a hearing examiner for the U.S. Parole Commission, Simpson’s parole hearing will deconstruct the nature of his crime or crimes, his future plans, and his behavior in prison. Because of O.J. Simpson’s unique claim to fame, the official hearing proceedings will be live-streamed, an event that more than 30 media organizations have already registered for.

Tom Scott, one of Simpson’s oldest friends, is confident that O.J. Simpson’s behavior in prison will help secure his parole, saying: "He's really been a positive force in there. He's done a lot of good for a lot of people." While serving his sentence, Simpson has fostered a strong and fair sporting culture within the prison, spending time training inmates and acting as a commission for the yard softball league.

However, despite his positive influence within Lovelock Correctional Facility, Simpson’s fate is far from assured. Al Lasso, a veteran defense attorney, has argued that Simpson’s initial sentence was too harsh. "I think he spent more than enough time in prison for a robbery in which he didn't even have a gun himself," adds Lasso. On the other hand, Michael Shapiro, a defense lawyer familiar with Simpson’s case, is worried that Simpson’s murky history will impacts his chances, saying: "The judge believed he got away with murder…That's the elephant in the room. If the parole authorities feel the same way, he could be in trouble."

Scott Ostler, a columnist for a newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, from Simpson’s hometown, is already contemplating the impacts of a successful parole hearing, writing: “The big question is, if Simpson is paroled, how would he be received? With open arms? Slammed doors?...He would be retried a million times in the court of public opinion, gossip TV and social media. Psychopathic murderer or frame-up victim? Rehabilitated soul or consummate con man?”

Source: ABC, Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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