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Ohio Woman Arrested After She's Found Living With Husband's Dismembered Body

Police in Coventry Township, Ohio would receive a rather disturbing call from a distraught man, and that led them to a case that’s so disturbing that the surrounding community has been shaken to its core.

Marcia Eubank, 49, was arrested for murdering her husband, 54-year-old Howard Eubank. While that’s bad enough in and of itself, the details of the case are nothing short of stomach churning.

As the New York Post shares, Marcia not only murdered her husband, but she completely dismembered him. What’s more, she lived with his remains for roughly five months.

The couple’s son was the one to phone the police after he made a revolting discovery in some storage containers after he climbed into the locked house. He immediately smelled a foul odor, and his mind was blown when he got to the bottom of it.

"I just found out my mom killed my dad and I found the pieces of his body in the house," he explained on his call to the police.

Marcia shot her husband, and she would then dismember his body using an electric saw and other tools. When her son texted her to ask her what was in the strange containers he came across, she calmly said that it was his father.

“We believe we have the tools, as well as the actual murder weapon,” said Summit County Sheriff Steve Barry, and he offered up some praise for the medical examiner’s office that had to sift through the grisly scene. “This was a very disturbing scene and they all did a fantastic job,”

Gary Guenther, chief investigator for the medical examiner’s office, notes that the condition of the remains means that they still have their work cut out for them to put all the pieces together of what happened.

“Due to the decomposition and condition of the body, this process will take additional time,” he said.

As you would imagine, the disturbing case has completely rattled the surrounding community, and stunned residents have no idea what to think.

“It’s sick. I’ve known these people for over 20 years,” said one neighbor. “It’s absolutely devastating. I just can’t believe this is all real.”

“That gives no reason for anyone to think something was wrong,” added another resident. “You would never, ever figure anything like that would be going on here.”

Howard had obviously been gone for some time, but Marcia explained that away by claiming that he had up and moved to Texas. She had even convinced her son of that, but he would come to find out that it was all nothing more than a ruse to cover up her twisted actions.

“He had a good disposition,” added another resident. “People liked him real well.”

Marcia is being held on $1 million, and it seems unlikely that she will ever be able to consider herself a free woman again. Thoughts and prayers go out to the son and any others that have been directly impacted by this horrifying incident.

Source: New York Post
Photos: Summit County Police, Facebook via Daily Mail, Google Maps, WKYC-TV, ABC 5 Cleveland,

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