Officials In Disbelief Over Reason Bus Overturned

According to one student on the bus, it’s a miracle that all the Indiana high school students traveling in a bus Saturday that flipped over on Interstate 65 after a collision with another vehicle are still alive.

The Indiana State Police have released information that the driver of the other vehicle lost control of her car after spilling a drink. Her vehicle then hit the bus loaded with 20 members of the boys basketball team from Griffith High School to a state semi-final game. Given the angels on their shoulders, no one including the six adults on the bus, suffered life-threatening injuries in the terrible accident.

In an interview with ABC News, student Martin Schiele, a senior and point guard on the basketball team, described the accident.

Schiele says it was close to 45 minutes into the trip, he was talking to a friend “and the next thing you know, we started swaying from the left and then to the right. But we were in the back, so we couldn’t see what was going on, on the road. And we were kind of in shock. When we turned to the right, we started flipping into a ditch, and as we were flipping, bodies were ricocheting off the bus. It was just crazy.”

He went on, “So when the bus finally settled down and stopped flipping, everybody was just screaming. Objects were flying everywhere from the top to the bottom of the floor. All of the teammates started rushing out the emergency door to find a way out. I was the last one in the back...Somehow I got stuck as the people were rushing out. They were going over my leg was all kind of messed up.”

Schiele noted that several motorists helped out after the accident. “After we got out, everybody from the road contributed,” he commented. “They turned around, and asked how we were doing and stuff like that. Thank God everyone was okay. Looking at the bus and pictures that I saw, it looked like nobody would have ever made it. The bus really looked like a pancake. It was really squished. God really made a way for us out of that bus.”

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