Officer Gets Suspended After Attempting to Raise Money for the Special Olympics

Oklahoma police officer, Scott Gibbons, wanted to raise money for the Special Olympics but he ended up getting suspended. Gibbons made social media posts through his police department accounts to help fund the Special Olympics. When discovered, he was suspended and forced to turn in his police car, gun, badge and ID.

Gibbons said, “Per my orders, I have and will be removing my association with my department from any online or printed materials." Chief Scott Singer explained that Gibbons' posts violated the department's social media policy.

Singer stated, “It’s a matter of policy. It’s not a matter of his commitment, which I applaud, to a service agency such as Special Olympics."

Phil Wise, Gibbons' representative for the Fraternal Order of Police, said “There has never been an issue with him using the city’s logo and the police department stuff. It’s tough on a guy, who that gave his heart and soul to his city, to have that happen.” Wise added, “There’s always some cops who do bad things on social media, and they get in trouble, which is fine, but this is a good thing, and we feel he should not have been punished for that at all."

Gibbons' supporters have since launched a petition calling for the police chief to resign.

The petition reads, "The FOP is stumped as to why the Piedmont Police Department would not want its officers participating in the Special Olympics." It has since received over 1,500 signatures.

The petition goes on to state, ”Even assuming Gibbons was somehow in error by participating in the Special Olympics, placing him on suspended status is callously extreme; it leaves the department shorthanded which causes overtime expenses and an overall decrease in police services to the community."

Photo: The Political Insider/KFOR

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