Officer Attacked On Freeway By Two Men, Passerby Blindsides Attackers By Doing This

A passerby on a Florida highway saw a state trooper in a precarious situation, and he didn’t hesitate to pull over and help. As NBC 2 reports, the Good Samaritan helped to quickly put an end to the situation.

Jeffery Duclos is a former police officer from Rhode Island, and he came across a scene in which a trooper was engaged with a motorist. However, this wasn’t a simple traffic stop. The officer was on the ground wrestling with the suspect.

"Other people are in the car. If they come out, he's got a major problem," Duclos explained.

Richard Lazo Torres and Isaac Ruiz Wilson had been pulled over for driving in excess of 100 mph. When they were pulled over, they attempted to switch places because the driver was without a license, and the situation quickly escalated from there. Duclos pulled over and exited his vehicle, and the situation was quickly defused.

"I think the kid saw me coming, so he basically surrendered," he continued.

Duclos was happy to be able to help out the officer, and he hopes others follow his lead.

"I think more people ought to be prepared to help," he continued.

Source: NBC 2
Photo: Mad World News

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