Nurse Loses Ears And Nose To Russian 'Hannibal Lecter'

A nurse was left bloodied, battered and without a nose or ears after her date beat her and began to feed on her ears, nose, fingertips and flesh. Ms. Irina Gonchar first met her date, Anatoliy Ezhkov, on a dating website, where they arranged to have a romantic dinner at a hostel in Kurgan, central Russia. During the date, Mr. Ezhkov allegedly fed Ms. Gonchar copious amounts of alcohol before he beat her senseless, tied her up and sunk his teeth into her skin.

Mr. Ezhkov, who was believed to have been on drugs at the time of the assault, spent several hours pretending to drink alcoholic beverages with Ms. Gonchar. However, unbeknownst to his date, Mr. Ezhkov was only pretending to get drunk while Ms. Gonchar became progressively drunker.

When Ms. Gonchar was drunk enough, Mr. Ezhkov battered the brunette nurse senseless and tied her up with a cord. At this point, Mr. Ezhkov attempted to strangle Ms. Gonchar; however, there was so much blood that his hands grew slippery and he could not get a grip on her neck: “He tried to smother her, but her neck was covered by blood and his hands got slippy.” Instead, he proceeded to rip off her ears, nose and fingertips with his teeth, torture that lasted for approximately four hours.

The screams of Ms. Gonchar alerted neighbors in the hostel of a disturbance, who eventually called police. Residents at the hostel initially thought nothing of the screaming, attributing the noise to one of the many alcoholics that live in the building. However, as the screams grew in intensity and continued for hours, they eventually realized that something was wrong. “Neighbors heard screams but they are used to these things as there are lots of alcoholics living in the hostel,” a relative of Ms. Gonchar attested.

Ms. Gonchar was immediately taken to hospital, suffering from a concussion, a rib fracture and severe bite wounds across the rest of her body. “The torture lasted for four hours,” the unnamed relative continued. “This man tore at her body with his teeth, she is positive he tried to kill her.”

After Mr. Ezhkov was questioned by police, he was released on police bail until a court hearing is held. Family of Ms. Gonchar were shocked and appalled that Mr. Ezhkov was allowed to walk free, fearing for the safety of Ms. Gonchar.

“How could the cops let him go? What if he breaks into her flat after she is sent home and he tries to kill her?” Ludmila Zalomskyay, a Kurgan local, confessed that she was “shocked with this story and even more shocked that he was released.”

“The family urgently needs to contact the prosecutor’s office in Moscow, if local lawmakers are not qualified enough.” Although police have confirmed that the incident occurred as described, Russian authorities have declined to comment on the status of the investigation.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline

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