NFL Star Sanu On Packed Flight, Then Someone Slips Him This Note

It seems that Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu made quite an impression on a family sitting closer to him on a recent airplane flight. In fact, the mom was so impressed with what a good person Sanu was, that she and her husband wrote the NFLer a note thanking him for being a positive influence on their young son.

Sanu, a Rutgers alum, was traveling to New Jersey for the team’s spring game. The family in the seat behind was on the way to Connecticut for elite hockey training.

The note points out that the 10-year-old boy sitting behind Sanu was traveling to train for an elite hockey team. Moreover, it was clear the boy was paying attention to the NFL player studying his playbook, eating healthy foods and being pleasant to everyone he spoke to.

The mom who wrote the note thanks Sanu for being a positive influence on their young athlete-in-training.

The woman concluded the note with "You are an inspiration to children and for that you should be proud!"

A low-key Sanu posted on Twitter that the kind note "definitely put a smile on my face."

In another NFL connection, veteran Cleveland left offensive tackle Joe Thomas also had some nice words for Sanu.

“Much respect for how you go about your business @Mo_12_Sanu!!!”, Thomas wrote.

Upstanding citizen Sanu was also praised by a mother for his interaction with a young Rutgers fan son at the spring game.
Following all the accolades, Atlanta Falcons also sent out a tweet, calling Sanu "a role model both on and off the field."

Of note, Sanu has a reputation as one of the biggest trash talkers on the football field, but his teammates say he’s just enjoying himself.

He is known as one of the friendliest players in the Falcons’ locker room, and certainly seems to be an all-around great guy.

Source: SB Nation
Photo: Twitter

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