The NFL Has Become The New Platform For Anti-Americanism - Here's Who's Funding It

Despite the growing anti-American demonstrations that the NFL supports, teams continue demanding American taxpayer dollars. Some are saying that it's time that football teams fund their own stadiums.

Right now, NFL football stadiums are paid for by the public. Teams often demand cities to fund stadiums through taxpayer dollars, leaving cities with bills that run hundreds of millions of dollars. The Seattle Seahawks took $300,000 for their stadium. The Chargers want San Diego to pay $350,000 toward their new billion-dollar downtown stadium.

In addition, Senator John McCain reported that the Pentagon pays nearly $2 million per year to the NFL to stage displays of patriotism - something now dampened by the protests of many football players.

Social media is stirring with #BoycottNFL and calls for any public funding to be pulled. 'Freedom Alliance' president Tom Kilgannon puts it eloquently in a recent article:

"To allow [protesting players] to continue is to treat the men and women of our military as punching bags. Active duty military personnel routinely appear at NFL games for pregame and halftime ceremonies. While these young men and women are in uniform, they are not permitted to engage in political commentary or social protest. They are asked by NFL teams to enhance the game day experience, but then subjected to premeditated demonstrations the league otherwise prohibits.

By contrast, the NFL does not allow antagonism toward any of its own. Excessive demonstrations are not permitted. ‘Insulting language or gestures at opponents, game officials, or representatives of the League,’ are not tolerated according to NFL rules."

Considering the average American family can't even afford to go to a live NFL game anymore, this only seems fair. With jacked-up prices on everything from tickets to soft drinks, it would cost the average family of four around $600 to attend a home game in regular seats, reports 'The Atlantic.'

The NFL is a billion-dollar business, expected to bring $13 billion in revenue this year alone. The revenue goal for 2027 is $25 billion per year. Players and managers are signing multi-million dollar contracts. They’re fully capable of attracting private donors should funds be needed. Considering how many NFL players want the right to protest America, perhaps they should include refusing public funds—funds that could be far better spent on police departments, education and community improvements in impoverished areas.

Perhaps it’s time taxpayers cut the purse strings.

Source: Western Journalism
Photo: Sporting News

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