New Teen Challenge Craze Has Doctors Debating Potential Dangers

In mid-November, two Japanese teenagers posted a video that started a new craze--the condom challenge.

To complete the challenge, one person sits in a tub while the other holds a condom filled with water over the person's head. The standing person drops the condom, which covers the person's face in a bubble. Then, the condom bursts and water spills everywhere.

Doctors are split over whether or not this challenge is safe. The video has been viewed half a million times.

Dr. Mark Reiter, president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and residency director at the University of Tennessee Murfreesboro/Nashville says "I personally haven't seen it in the emergency department."

Although, he says there is the potential for suffocation. He went on to say "It doesn't sound like a particularly good idea and there are probably safer, smarter ways to spend one's time."

James Bryant, associate chief nurse for emergency services for Cleveland Clinic, says latex can form an airtight seal around the mouth and nose. He stated, "A tiny piece of [latex] could be impossible to see. There are real risks involved with this prank."

Dr. Jason Kodat, an emergency room doctor with Allegheny Valley Hospital, says, "It's a relatively silly thing. I have seen things that are a thousand times more dangerous. Just driving to the store is more dangerous."

Photo: Stem Genex

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