New Revelation About Diana's Lover Sparks Controversy

The private life of Princess Diana continues to captivate people the world over, specifically her rumored relationship after divorcing Charles. The owner of the infamous ‘Studio 54’, 1981 to 1984, has released a startlingly explicit recount of his days as a cocaine addicted party animal and experiences alongside famous stars, such as Liza Minnelli, Robin Williams and Princess Diana’s lover, Dodi Fayed.

According to Mr. Mark Fleischman, Mr. Fayed, the son of former Harrods of London owner, Mr. Mohamed Al Fayed, was renowned for having “the most amazing coke,” and was said to be a notorious womanizer before he met Diana. Mr. Fayed, Mr. Fleischman and a number of other celebs were dubbed as the ‘dawn patrol’, trawling the streets of New York in search of illegal clubs.

“Dodi loved Quaaludes, good quality coke and hot women and he always had plenty of those,” Mr. Fleischman confessed in his new novel, ‘Inside Studio 54’. According to Mr. Fleischman, Mr. Fayed and himself would regularly party at the renowned Studio 54, joining the hordes of Hollywood legends, supermodels and pop stars who frequented the venue to get high and engage in sexual activities in the dark corners of the club. Mr. Fayed, who was more popularly known for his relationship with the late Princess Diana, died alongside her in a car accident 20 years ago.

Mr. Fleischman continued to describe the elaborate and wild lifestyle of a number of well-known actors and celebrities, describing the late Robin Williams as “manic,” and “fascinated” by the DJ booth and the action on the dance floor. “He had an enormous appetite for coke and alcohol and appeared to mellow out somewhat when high on coke,” Mr. Fleischman revealed. Mr. Fleischman confessed that the owner of the popular club, Crisco Disco, used to mix cocaine and amphetamine and supply it to his customers, naming the cocktail ‘Special K’.

This concoction was a favorite of Mr. Williams, with Mr. Fleischman writing, “Hank’s special mix seemed to calm him down, make him less manic, more mellow and able to relax and enjoy himself.” The group of celebs attended such parties several times a week, often going for days at a time and having sex with multiple partners on the same night – something considered conventional in the ‘pre-AIDS’ era.

The chaotic and full-on lifestyle eventually got too much for Mr. Fleischman, who described the worst mistake of his life in his tell-all novel. When accompanying Mr. Fayed on a private jet, Mr. Fleischman recalls being entertained by several, very attractive ‘hot to trot’ flight attendants, before the duo went on to party for a number of days. “I lost track of what day it was, forgot about my plans for later and partied through the night in a suite at the Plaza Hotel with Dodi,” Mr. Fleischman states. “I wish I could remember some of the details of that night… I remember nothing- only the consequences I suffered – losing an incredible woman who I had been crazy about.”

After four years in the business, Mr. Fleischman sold Studio 54, before checking himself into Betty Ford Clinic to treat his drug dependencies: “I was the ringleader for nearly four years and I became intoxicated with the scene – bodies gyrating on the dance floor, sex in the balcony and anything goes in the ladies’ lounge and Rubber Room.” Mr. Fleischman now runs a health resort in California, but still fondly recalls his time in Studio 54.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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