New Information On The Missing 4-Year-Old Rebecca Lewis

Missing Polk County, Tennessee girl Becky Lewis has been located safe and sound in Memphis on Monday.

The states of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky had been under an AMBER alert all weekend for the missing four-year-old girl. Becky, sometimes called Rebecca, was found with a man named West Wild Hogs, according to law enforcement officials. Hogs is currently in police custody.

The man and little girl had been spotted in Nashville at the Cove Lake State Park close to Tennessee/Kentucky border.

On Monday morning Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd spoke with the public for assistance in the search for the girl. “I’m not above a bunch of good ol’ boys grabbing that 4-year-old girl,” Judd commented.

Local media reports noted that Becky was last seen by family members around 9 a.m. Saturday. Her 16-year-old sister saw her sleeping in her bed around then at the Lazy Dazy Retreat RV/Mobile Home. The sister then fell back asleep, but when she came back to consciousness 9:45 a.m., her baby sister was gone.

Apparently, Hogs had been a past family friend, but had not been around in more than two years. Sheriff Judd noted that Hogs was asked to leave the family’s home around two years ago after pulling a gun. Hogs appeared out of the blue on Friday at the house of Rebecca’s grandmother, Oma Mae Lewis, in Polk City, and apparently located the family at the Lazy Dazy RV park a few hours later.

Judd also pointed out that Hogs has been diagnosed with both depression and bipolar disorder.

Source: WFLA
Photo: WFLA

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