New Girlfriend Devastated After Realizing What Man's Ex Did To The House

Ending a marriage is never easy. But when the reason for the breakup is that one spouse is cheating, there’s often a lot of anger and resentment.

For example, after 37 years of marriage, a man named Jerald decided to leave his wife Catherine for his attractive younger secretary. However, there were a lot of valuable assets to split up in Jerald and Catherine’s divorce.

Moreover, Jerald’s new girlfriend wanted him to keep the million dollar home so that she could live with him there. The lawyers got involved and Catherine got the weekend home and some extra cash and stocks and he got the main residence.

The contract only gave Catherine three days to move out. So, after 37 years of marriage, she was forced to pack all her belongings in only a couple of days.

On her last day in her dream home, Catherine made herself a bittersweet departing meal. She put on relaxing music, and had a scrumptious dinner including a pound of boiled shrimp, a jar of caviar, and a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio.

As she was eating, she had a great idea for revenge on her husband and his new bimbo. So Catherine went into every room in the house and stuffed half-eaten shrimp and caviar into the hollow end of one or two curtain rods in every room.

The next day, Jerald and his girlfriend returned to the home. But it didn’t take long before the house began to smell just awful. The new couple tried everything they could think of to get rid of the smell: cleaning, opening the windows, checking the furnace for dead rats, and so forth. They even tried expensive deodorizing treatments, but nothing helped. Finally, they replaced the carpets, but the smell would not go away.

After five weeks, Jerald and his girlfriend just gave up and tried to sell their home. But, of course, anyone who smelled it wasn’t interested any longer.

After a few months of dropping the price to no avail, Jerald was desperate, so he called Catherine. He offered her the home at less than half its appraised value.

Catherine offered to take the home back at that price as long as Jerald and his girlfriend moved all their belongings to their new home within a week, including the curtain rods.

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