Neighbors Find Out They Were in the Same WWII Mission

George Rhodes, 99, and Graham Brown, 93, live in the same block but only just recently found out that they both took part in the same Second World War mission.

They each dropped bombs to let the other storm a Nazi railway. They were chatting one day and found they were actually involved in the same bombing operation over Graz, Austria in June 1945. Before Mr. Rhodes and his fellow Army soldiers entered a railway yard, the Royal Air Force were called to drop bombs on the city to clear their way.

Mr. Brown dropped one of the bombs, making sure that Mr. Rhodes and his men could get through. They now live next to each other in Wells, Somerset. Mr. Rhodes said, "Graham and his boys did a good job. The place was ruined. All the rails had been bombed so much that they were all curled up. No train was going to run on those again and the bombs meant that we could enter."

Mr. Rhodes signed up for the army during his university days in 1942. He was sent to the Middle East, north Africa and Italy before the bombing raids in Europe.

Mr. Brown was the pilot of a Wellington bomber. Graz was liberated in 1945 and the two returned to normal lives after the war. Mr. Rhodes became a mortician in the pathology department of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, married Ruby and had one son.

Mr. Brown returned to Bristol University and completed his engineering degree started at the beginning of the war and then became the manager of Underwood Quarry in Wells. The pair are now best friends.

Mr. Rhodes said, "Graham is a great bloke and we talk about the war, thank heavens he and his aircrew were around to support us at that time."

Photo: The Sun, Telegraph

After realizing they served together, the two are best friends.

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