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NBA Star Surprises Local Family With Presents - Saves Something Special For Mom

When it comes to the NBA, people are often reminded of star players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or Stephen Curry. Many fans, both young and old, look up to these players for their ability to dominate the court and score plenty of points.

However, you shouldn’t define professional NBA players just by their performance on the court. A recent incident involving New Orleans Pelicans All-Star Anthony Davis has shown that NBA players can score just as many points in their local community as they can on the basketball court.

Anthony Davis, a superb center who is renowned for his spectacular skill and distinctive uni-brow, has been praised by local and national media outlets after he was filmed doing something incredible for a local family.

The family in question, the Kingsleys, were stunned when Anthony Davis pulled up on their driveway in his SUV. Luckily, a family member immediately began using their mobile phone to video the ensuing exchange.

When Mr. Davis opens the trunk of his SUV, the Kingsleys are stunned to discover that the compartment is overflowing with gifts. The first present that Mr. Davis retrieves – a large gift-wrapped box – is so big that the young boy who takes it can barely stay standing.

Shortly afterwards, the video – which has since been uploaded to YouTube – shows Mr. Davis handing a young girl another large boxed gift.

As the Kingsley children walk back to their mom, Mr. Davis smiles and tells the unnamed woman that she is getting the biggest gift in the family. “Of course we can’t forget about you,” he says while handing her the keys to his expensive black SUV.

When the NBA star holds out the keys, the shocked mom shrieks in disbelief and hugs Mr. Davis, telling him repeatedly how thankful she is.

However, this isn’t the first time that Mr. Davis has used his wealth and fame to improve the lives of others. The Pelicans star recently made waves when he hosted an event at a local Target, giving every child in the crowd a $200 voucher to spend on whatever they wanted in Target, as well as a family pass to several upcoming Pelicans games.

Unsurprisingly, online commenters have jumped up to praise Mr. Davis for the incredible act of kindness and selflessness.

“Well done to him. Love seeing when these guys help out their communities. He’s one of the best ones along with Curry, Harden, Watt and Cam,” wrote Toby Dane Garvin on Facebook.

“Yes! God is good! Blessed is the one who gives!” began Shannon White. “Thanks Anthony Davis!"

"This warmed my heart, The mother wasn’t expecting anything just her kids & Surprise!!! Wonderful surprise it was!”

Another commenter, Amy Duplessis, told InspireMore: “We are so blessed to have this human in New Orleans! He is so appreciated and loved here. Great job Ant'nee."

"We love you big guy!!!! By the way, that's the car he received for winning MVP last year.”

Other social media users congratulated Mr. Davis on using his position to make a positive difference. “This is great. Use your platform as an NBA superstar to help families in need,” said Shawn Burns.

“Great job. I love seeing this.”

Source: Inspire More
Photo: YouTube

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