MSNBC Host Gives Hillary Clinton A Piece Of Her Mind, Her Honesty Is Spot On (Video)

Donald Trump has been saying since before he was nominated as the GOP presidential candidate that he has no objections to releasing his tax returns. However, since being given the nomination, he continues to evade the issue by saying he is under audit. Liberal media platform MSNBC has taken every opportunity to pin Trump to the wall on this issue.

Trump's 1995 Tax documents were recently reveals and showed a loss of almost $1 billion. It also shows that Trump was able to sail through tax season without owing a dime. Immediately, his opponent and detractors jumped in to slam him.

“As a businessman and real estate developer, I have legally used the tax laws to my benefit and to the benefit of my company, my investors and my employees,” Trump said in response to the criticism. “Honestly, I have brilliantly used those laws.”

On MSNBC show 'Morning Joe,' even liberal MSNBC pundits had a hard time disagreeing with Trump.

"Hillary Clinton could have had that same reaction to her speech money, that she says she’s going to change Wall Street, but you know what, I used the system to make millions of dollars. But instead she hides it. Donald Trump just doesn’t hide it. He’s very comfortable with the fact that he followed the law and made a lot of money,” said Democrat host Mika Brzezinski.

“People see somebody being honest about it and someone kind of like not mentioning it but still doing it,” Brzezinski added. “What’s the difference? Does anybody want to explain to me, because I think voters like what they saw from Donald Trump.”

Brzezinski went on to complain about how Clinton has always gotten rich taking speech money, but hides it, and how she hid information in her emails.

“Get off your high horse about this tax thing. Unless laws were broken, it’s not an issue. You guys cancel each other out,” said Brzezinski to Clinton.

Source: Western Journalism
Photo: YouTube

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