Mother's Worst Fears Come True After Her And Daughter Are Called By Police (VIDEO)

One mom woke up one morning with a 'vulnerability hangover' and made a video. She posted it to social media hoping to share information that might save others from the same grief. Her message has now been viewed more than 60,000,000 times on Facebook.

According to Catherine's video note cards, she knew Aaron Tyrell Scott for 20 years. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a police officer, and doting father of three. He was close with his mother and children. She describes him as charming, romantic and very intelligent. When the two started dating, and eventually married, Catherine says she was 'sooooo happy.’

"I thought I had finally found my happily ever after," she wrote on one card showing a photo of the couple together.

It made it all the more shocking when she was called into the police station one day in April of 2015. Her 15-year-old daughter Alyssa had come in to file a report. Scott had sexually assaulted Alyssa the night before.

Catherine threw her husband out of the house, filed for divorce and criminal charges were filed against him. After DNA evidence pointed to Scott's guilt, he plea-bargained and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 8 years of sex offender probation. The mother of his other children was not notified of his conviction.

"'Stranger Danger' is a JOKE," writes Catherine on her notecard. "Monsters look and act normal."

She finished her video by urging single parents to check the National Sex Offender Registry, and for her viewers to send her video out to any single parents they may know. She hopes to get the word out to help others avoid the pain she and her daughter have to endure.

At more than 60 million views and counting, it looks like she’s accomplishing her mission.

Source: 9 news
Photo: 9 News

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