Mother's Punishment Of Son Backfires - It's Going Viral

Barbara Wilson’ was exhausted from work and dealing with the stress of being without her car, so the last thing she wanted to come home to was a house where the chores weren’t done. But she did.

When she came home she realized her sons didn’t do anything she had asked them to do that day. So, according to Mad World News, Wilson wanted to teach her son a lesson in responsibility and work ethic and forced her 15-year-old son, Travis Durham, to mow some of their neighbors lawns in their Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood.

Though the act was meant to be a punishment, Durham mowed six more lawns than his mother asked him to.

“He loves doing it,” his mother said.

Now, Durham enlists his brothers, friends and cousins to help him mow lawns for free in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to take on help from the teen.

“Because they’re young black males, people are a little afraid to open their door,” Wilson said. “They just shut the door, say ‘no thank you.'”

But hatred and fear hasn’t stopped that wonderful boy from doing good deeds. Now, Wilson has to make time to drive the boys to different neighborhoods and pick them up.

“They have two lawn mowers right now, the rent-a-car, we’ll load them up, drop them off to a community in the morning, pick them up at lunch, take them to a different community, pick them up when I get off work,” said Wilson.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: WDRB

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