Mother Sprays Child With Garden Hose - Realizes She Has Made A Horrible Mistake

A woman in Arizona regrets a terrible accident that left her baby severely burned. All she did was go outside and turn on the hose.

Dominique Woodger thought she would help her 9-month-old son cool off by filling up his wading pool. When she turned on the hose, it accidentally sprayed her son. He began crying, but the mother thought he just got startled when he got wet.

When his cries began to sound like he was in distress, she took a closer look. Woodger was horrified to see that her son's skin was red, blistering and peeling. “All of it was peeling. He had blisters all over the right side,” she said to KNXV.

Woodger rushed her son to the doctor where he's being treated for second-degree burns over 30 percent of his body. He's expected to recover, but his mother is still in shock. She had no idea that the water remaining in garden hoses laying out on the lawn could reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees.

“At those temperatures, something as short as a 10 or 30-second exposure can result in a second-degree burn,” Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Larry Subervi reports.

Firefighters and Woodger hope other parents get the message - check that hose before spraying.

“Just be careful. Touch it before you let your kids near it,” Woodger said.

Source: Mommy Page
Photo: Mommy Page

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