Mother Sees Her Newborn's Face, Immediately Files A Lawsuit Against Her Doctor

You might have heard of suing for wrongful birth, but one woman is suing her doctor for wrongful conception. The new mom claims that her doctor told her she could not possibly get pregnant, but she did.

Lori Cichewicz of Oakland County, Michigan was shocked when she found out she was pregnant. She had gone to a doctor in 2008 to get her tubes tied, but the doctor told her the surgery was unnecessary. She was told her fallopian tubes were blocked and that her chance of pregnancy was zero. The doctor even told her birth control wasn't necessary.

Fast forward three years, and Cichewicz is the new mother of a baby with Down syndrome at age 50. While she decided to give birth to her baby and keep it, she's furious about the unplanned pregnancy and blames her doctor.

Charlie Langton, a FOX 2 legal analyst, says, "This is really very close to a medical malpractice case."

Cichewicz is suing for the stress associated with the surprise pregnancy and the stress associated with it. Unless the doctor settles, the suit is expected to go to trial.

Source: Fox2
Photo: Fox2

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