Mother Records School's Punishment Of Son, Video Has Since Gone Viral (VIDEO)

A Georgia mom was recently faced with an unfair dilemma --- allow her son to be paddled or he would be suspended and she would go to jail.

That’s because Perez said she was arrested two weeks ago on truancy charges, and booked then released. She said she was told that if her son missed any more days of school she’d go to jail.

Her son is a 5-year-old Jasper County Primary School student, and has been out 18 days this school year, several of which because of doctors appointments that should have been excused absences according to Perez.

Her son, Thomas, apparently tried to hit another student, his mother said, and ended up spitting on another student.

“He ended up spitting on somebody so [Principal Pam Edge] wanted to paddle him,” Perez noted.

Perez understood the school used paddling, but said she signed a form at the beginning of the year that her son could not be paddled under any circumstances.

On Wednesday, Perez posted a video to Facebook showing Edge and Assistant Principal Lynn McElheney preparing to paddle Thomas.

“I didn’t know I couldn’t get in trouble,” Perez explained. “They told me either he gets a paddling or he gets suspended.”

Of note, Perez says she received an email from Superintendent Mike Newton that said Perez could keep Thomas home from school Thursday as an excused absence.

Source: AJC
Photo: Facebook/Shana Marie Perez

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