Mother Pictured With Her Six Daughters - Wait Until They Face The Camera

A woman who wasn't married still wanted to be a mother, so she became certified to adopt. She might not have expected such a big family, but she's thrilled at the way things worked out.

Soon after getting her adoption certification, Lacey Dunkin, 25, got a call about taking in four foster sisters. Dunkin agreed, and four sisters moved in with her. The young would-be mother did not have the heart to split up the siblings.

Almost a year later, the birth mother of the four girls regained custody and Dunkin sadly handed them over. During the time they spent with Dunkin, the birth mother had given birth to another baby girl, so the four girls went home to meet their new sister.

Just one month after that, Dunkin got a call from the birth mother. The woman decided she wanted what was best for her children - and she thought what was best was for Dunkin to adopt them. Dunkin was absolutely delighted to take back her four girls, plus the newborn girl.

Then Dunkin got one last shock - the birth mother was pregnant again and asked Dunkin if she wanted this baby, too. Dunkin did!

It was another girl, and now the six little ladies live with their new adoptive mom and their grandparents. They are one big happy family.

Source: HeroViral
Photo: Facebook/Lacey Dunkin

Woman adopts six sisters.

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