Mother Notices A Man Staring At Her Daughter, Instantly Knows He’s ‘Something Special’

A woman is on the lookout for a kind stranger she met at Walmart. The brief encounter with the man has changed her life forever.

Katy Sursa was waiting in line at the pharmacy with her daughter Emma. The 3-year-old girl has Down syndrome. Sursa caught an older man in line staring at Emma, but in a very sweet and wonderful way.

The older man told Sursa that Emma reminded him of his own daughter, Cindy. Cindy also had Down Syndrome, and she died in 1964 when she was about Emma's age. Cindy had a hole in her heart that doctors were unable to treat at the time.

Sursa's heart went out to the older man; Emma also has a hole in her heart, though its being managed with modern medical advancements.

The man played with Emma as they waited and he positively lit up. Emma really warmed up to the man as well as they played peek-a-boo and patty-cake while singing songs and laughing. He told Sursa that playing with Emma made him feel for a little while like he had his Cindy back.

Sursa has put the word out on Facebook. She's trying to find this man and to keep in touch.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

Mother searches for the man who was kind to her beautiful daughter Emma.

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