Mother Makes Her Daughter Pay For Bullying A Cancer Patient (Video)

A video of a mother shaving her crying daughter's head has gone viral. Is this kind of punishment warranted? Most say 'no' even though the details are unclear.

It's unclear where the video comes from, but the family is speaking Portuguese. The story going around with the video is that the mom is shaving the teen girl's head because her daughter bullied a cancer patient. The hysterical teen begs for mercy and buries her head in her hands as her mother shears off her long, luxurious locks.

Comments say that the mom might have gone a little too far; bullying can't stop bullying and the mother is only serving as a poor example even as she doles out the harsh punishment.

Other comments praise the mother for her stern action.

In an earlier version of the video, the caption said the mother was shaving the girl's head for sending naked pictures of herself over Facebook.

Does that make shaving her bald and appropriate punishment?

In yet another version of the story posted even earlier, the young woman had pre-marital sex with her boyfriend. The mother shaved her head to make her unattractive and discourage any further sexual activity.

It's unclear what the real backstory is, but it doesn't look staged or sound like the young girl is acting. Is there anything that gives the parent a right to pass out this kind of punishment? The debate rages on.

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Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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