Mother Gathers Children Together And Reads Military Letter, Now It's Going Viral

Serving your country is not only dangerous and often takes you away from your loved ones, it is also difficult and stressful for the families of these service members.

That’s why “military mom” Jessica Appelberg decided to write a touching letter to her son Cole, 2, and daughter Kate, 4 months, in honor of Military Child Month.

"Your dad chose to enlist. I chose to marry him knowing that we were facing a tough road ahead, but the two of you had no say," the touching letter reads. "An accident by birth made the two of you military brats. A role that you would both handle with grace in the way that's made your dad and I proud."

The emotional and heartfelt letter is intended to validate Cole and Kate's worries about their dad and to reassure them that everything will be fine.

"Military children, they go through a great deal and I don't think--I think that it's easy sometimes to brush it off," Appelberg commented in an interview with a local Dallas TV station.

She notes that even at this young age, missing his dad has always had an impact on her son Cole.

"Even though he doesn't really understand the concept of time we'll come up with different ways like Hershey kisses or something like that to count down how many nights until daddy's home," Appelberg explained.

The letter ended up getting posted and talked about on social media. Not surprisingly, it received thousands of views from other military moms after the well-known blog Scary Mommy shared it.

In her interview, Appelberg notes that she wrote the letter for Cole and Kate, but also so other military moms would know they're not alone.

She also remarked that her children will hopefully read her letter one day, and it will help them have a better understanding of what their father's service means to them and their country.


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