Mother Demands An Apology After Finding A 'Racist' Message On Her Daughter's Birthday Cake (Photos)

One Ohio grandmother said the name spelled on her granddaughter’s birthday cake wasn’t a misspelling, it was an intentional racial slur.

"That was not right at all and it really upset a lot of people at her party and her," said Ronell Tucker, according to Ray Com News Network.

Tucker said she ordered two cakes for her 6-year-old granddaughter LaMiya’s birthday party over the phone from Dave’s Super Market in Euclid. The first cake was correct, but the second one said “LaNiga” instead of LaMiya. Tucker said it was meant to be a variation of the N-word.

"I was very upset and angry and it felt like racism to me cause how do you get one cake wrong and one cake right. You had to notice the mistake," said the 6-year-old’s mom Ashely Hayes.

She said her daughter was upset by it and the children knew what was on the cake.

"We were all like in shock,” she said.

The store’s owner Burt Saltzman had this to say:

"If you look at this 'M' could have been an 'N' and the 'Y' could have been a 'N.' The girl had a bunch of cakes that day," Saltzman said, according to Raycom News Network. "I do have to apologize because I do think the fellow, the manager who handled it, could have handled it in a better manner. We'll work it out and leave it as is, worked out and everything is cool."

LaMiya's family said they were pleased with the outcome of the situation and that Saltzman took ownership of it.

Source: Raycom News
Photo: Raycom News, WOIO

Racist slur found on girl's birthday cake.

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