Mother Arrested Immediately After Delivering Baby

A young mother in Pleasant Grove, AL has been indicted on charges after her newborn baby girl was discovered to be addicted to heroin. According to, the mother admitted to using the drug on a regular basis while pregnant.

Alexandra Nicole Laird, 21, gave birth to her daughter at UAB Medical West. Routine testing would reveal that the newborn tested positive for both opiates and amphetamines. The baby was transferred to Princeton Baptist West, where she would be treated in intensive care for withdrawal symptoms.

The mother would be questioned by detectives and admit to using heroin as much as twice per week for at least five months of her pregnancy. Custody of her daughter was taken from her, and Pleasant Grove Police Lt. Danny Reid successfully pushed for felony charges.

"You won't know you've truly victimized this child until much later in life when she has trouble in school, trouble functioning,'' said Reid.

Alexandra wouldn’t stay out of trouble for
too long after giving birth either, and she is also facing charges on that unrelated matter. During a routine traffic stop, Alexandra and a man she was traveling with were found to be in possession of hydrocodone pills.

Source: AL.Com
Photo: Jefferson County Jail, Wikimedia

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