Mother’s Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality When She Found Her Daughter Like This

Parents living in high rise buildings usually think about securing windows so children don't accidentally fall out. Families in a two-story home don't often think about it. One mom is warning parents that they should.

Amber Boone is mother of a 3-year-old named Aubrey. She put Aubrey down for a nap in her upstairs bedroom, and the mom then went downstairs to do some housework. A little while later, she heard banging on her door.

It was her neighbor, and the neighbor had horrifying news. She saw Aubrey fall from the second story window. The tot was sprawled out on the concrete driveway of the family home and seriously injured.

At the hospital, Aubrey was treated for a fractured skull, lacerated spleen and swollen bowel. The little one was lucky to be alive, though, after such a fall.

The website 'Safe Kids' reports that 2,000 children die every year from injuries that happen in the home. Boone is warning other parents: window guards are not just for apartment buildings.

Child safety experts say that even a fall from a window on the first story can bring about serious injuries, depending upon how a baby lands. Parents are urged to secure all windows to protect small children.

Source: SF Globe
Photo: The San Francisco Globe

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