Mom Slammed for Getting Too Many Presents

A woman posted a picture of a mountain of presents piled high around her Christmas tree. The photo has gone viral, and she's been criticized for buying too many gifts.

Emma Tapping is a hard-working mom who likes to spoil her family at the holiday seasons. She posted a comical picture to Facebook that features a Christmas tree drowning in a sea of gifts-- a pile that goes about two-thirds of the way up the tree.

The photo went viral with the hashtag #TooManyPresents, and many perfect strangers are criticizing Tapping for buying so many gifts. People have complained that it's 'sad' and some say Tapping is 'rubbing it in' for those who can't afford much.

Tapping has been accused of missing the meaning of the season. "How about provide kids with what they need over the year & use Xmas to teach them the importance of people over possessions," tweeted one poster.

Other posters have come to Tapping's defense, saying that it's no one else's business how much money she spends or how many presents she wants to buy.

Tappings herself is unapologetic. "Seeing as how my picture has gone viral (without my consent!), here is my tree," she posted. "I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE spoiling my kids in the festive season. And I work d**n hard to make sure it’s as amazing as it can be."

While it’s true that the season shouldn’t be all about gifts, how does that translate to the idea that giving lots of gifts (if you can afford it) is wrong? I wonder how many of these people would complain if it was their mom who could afford a super-sized holiday shopping spree.

Photo: Stuff Co

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