Mom Shamed By Social Media Over Her Son’s Birthday Cake (Video)

If your baby's first birthday is coming up, you're probably wondering what kind of cake you should get. One mom learned the hard way that the cake you give your child could end up getting judged on social media.

Mia Freedman wanted to get her son the perfect cake for his birthday. So she decided to order a smash cake from Sydney Smash Cakes.

A smash cake is a small, brightly decorated individual cake. The theory behind smash cakes is that the only thing more fun than eating a cake for a baby is playing with it. Giving your child a smash cake allows him to smash it, squish it and have fun with the delicious treat while he's eating it.

After posting a photo of her son's smash cake online, the negative comments came rolling in. Some Facebook followers accused her of promoting violence.

One follower, Rebecca Arthur, stated "Wowsers. I really disliked this, it made the child in me so stressed. I work with children now and wonder how many of them would truly feel."

Although most comments seemed to be negative, a few followers did enjoy the cake and praised the mother for allowing her child to have some fun.

Although Freedman wished she didn't find herself in the middle of this 'heated debate' she refused to back down from her decision.

At the end of the day, it's just a cake. Seems like everyone needs to calm down.

Source: Little Things
Photo: I'm American

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