Mom Furious That Authorities Found Missing Daughter Seven Years Ago, Didn't Tell Her

When someone you love goes missing, it's like your life is put on hold. Nothing becomes more important than finding that missing loved one. Even if the chances are that only a body will be found, you can't have closure and move on with your grieving unless you have some conformation. One family searched for a missing woman for eight years, only to discover that authorities found her and buried her seven years earlier.

Rosita Cage-Toaster says that authorities in the city of Detroit, Michigan were sloppy, negligent and incompetent in handling her daughter's case. The mom reported her 28-year-old daughter, Crissita Elaina Cage-Toaster, missing in 2009. She's been searching for her daughter all of these years, living with the uncertainty and the emptiness that took a toll on her health and quality of life.

As it turns out, Crissita's body was discovered just five months after she went missing. An oversight at the coroner’s office resulted in them never connecting the young body with the missing girl case, and they buried the victim with just a number in a public cemetery.

The tragedy began in 2009 when Crissita's car was discovered abandoned on Belle Isle Park. Her purse, along with her ID and cell phone, were left in the empty car, but the young woman was nowhere to be found.

"From that day on, I've been searching for her," said Rosita. The 58-year-old mom and her husband, 64-year-old Johnny Toaster, gave authorities a detailed description of Crissita, focusing on a very distinctive rose tattoo with family nicknames inscribed below.

For years, police turned up nothing. The determined family recruited help and did their own investigations and searches as well. They also turned up nothing. For eight long years, the agonizing situation stretched on, and the family began wondering if the mystery would ever come to an end.

The call finally came, reporting to Rosita that Crissita's body was found on September 29, 2017. Unfortunately, though, the authorities had to tell her it was found in March of 2010, just 5 months after her daughter was reported missing.

In 2010, the body of a young woman was pulled out of the Detroit River. Medical examiners accidentally wrote that the body looked Caucasian or Hispanic. Someone noticed the unique tattoo, but no one double checked to see if anyone reported missing had a similar tattoo.

Crissita was labeled a 'Jane Doe', given a number and buried without the cause of death being discovered.

The parents are demanding answers, but none are really coming. The only excuse authorities could offer the grieving family was to say there was a mix-up.

Crissita's body is being exhumed and will be buried again at a final resting place chosen by her parents. They'll also give her the formal memorial service she never got on November 4. They also plan to pursue the case to figure out what happened so that no other family will have to suffer for as long as they did without answers.

Source: New York Post, MLive
Photo: YouTube

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