Military Students Terrified When They Discover What Nurse Gave Them

This story is beyond disturbing.

In the case of a husband and wife in Russia who have been cannibalizing women for 18 years, authorities are looking for a different kind of victim. They're not just looking for people who were killed and eaten by the couple, but for people that might have unknowingly been fed the meat of humans by the couple. The wife may have been sharing jars of steamed human meat with student pilots at the military academy where she worked.

Dmitry and Natalia Baksheeva, a couple who have been arrested for cannibalism, might have shared the human meat they preserved with unsuspecting student pilots. The couple lived in the hostel at the Military Aviation Academy belonging to the Russian Defense Ministry. Natalia worked as a nurse at the academy.

According to former students at the academy, everyone was afraid to go into the couple's home. The minute someone would try to enter, the two would get very excited and begin shouting and crying.

"Natalia is a scandalous woman, aggressive, so we did not risk it," said one academy member.

When police searched the couple's home they found a jar of pickled slices of human flesh, and several cans of steamed human meat found in the kitchen.

"This woman had been working in the military academy as a nurse and supposedly she was sharing these cans of steamed human meat with student pilots," said one police source.

Natalia and Dmitry got together sometime in the 1990s when Dmitry was just a teen. He had a troubled home life, his mother died and his stepfather threw him out because he was stealing. Once Dmitry was an adult, the couple were married.

The two began cannibalizing together as far back as 1999 - that is the earliest date on a photo collection they kept of their victims and food preparations. They had a photo of a cooked female's head on a platter decorated with oranges. Olives had been inserted in the eye holes and a lemon had been affixed to the nose.

Dmitry and Natalia were discovered when the husband lost his phone one day. A road worker found it on the street, picked it up and began browsing through the pictures.

"We were working near Gastello street, putting asphalt on the road, when I found the phone, I opened the photo album and looked only at two pictures. At first, I did not even understand what was there, it looked like a head and a hand. I thought pictures were real."

Dmitry later came by looking for his phone, but the man said he hadn't seen it. When police drove by, the man waved them down and showed them the contents of the phone.

Police searched the couple's home and found numerous dead body parts from multiple women scattered throughout, as well as items that belonged to their victims. The couple told authorities they would meet women through online dating websites. Dmitry would set up a date with the unsuspecting women, drug them, then kill and dismember them. Police are still trying to identify all of the victims but there may be as many as 35.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: East2West News

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