Men Beat Defenseless Man To Death- It Gets Worse

While all crimes are disturbing on some level, those that are committed against particularly vulnerable people tend to spark the most outrage. This is one of those crimes, and the perpetrators will have the rest of their lives to think through their heinous actions while behind bars. As the Mirror explains, a pair of deranged friends have been sentenced to life in prison for the repulsive beating death of a learning disabled man in the UK.

Joshua Hack, 21, and Keith Lowe, 22, lured the victim, 23-year-old Brendan Mason to a park and brutally asasaulted him. He would be discovered hanging from a tree with 99 separate injuries to his head and body. Sentencing Judge Michael Chambers calmly laid out the circumstances of the repulsive incident.

"Brendan Mason was only 23 with his life before him. He was sadly a vulnerable young man with learning difficulties. He was kicked mercilessly while naked. The video found was a chilling and deeply disturbing recording of Brendan naked, being kicked repeatedly to the head. He's even told to remove his hands from his face so you can kick him,” he said.

The horrific crime has sparked outrage across the community, and Chambers is among the many in that camp.

"You subjected him to a brutal and sustained attack of extreme violence. You caused him great pain and humiliation. This was a planned attack, during which you filmed each other assaulting him and you revelled in what you had done, bragging to others. You stripped him naked and left him unconscious. He died later that day," Chambers continued.

Chambers dropped the hammer on the pair, as they have been sentenced to life behind bars and will not be eligible for parole for at least two decades.

"I find that each of you were equally involved and responsible for what was a joint attack. I'm satisfied you made the recording for your own gratification and took a number of trophy photographs. You clearly knew the difference between right and wrong. You were in full possession of your faculties," said Chambers.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Mercury WS

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