Melania Trump's Latest Move Stirs Controversy

In normal times, an appearance by the First Lady of the United States at an event would be viewed as a good thing. These are not normal times. While it’s no secret that members of the press have an inherent bias against President Donald Trump and members of his administration, that doesn’t make it any less stunning when it metastasizes itself in incredibly ugly fashion.

As Heavy shares, our latest example comes courtesy of a column from north of the border. Columnist Brad Fraser wrote a piece lamenting that Melania Trump had a scheduled appearance at the Invictus Games, an event in which disabled, injured, sick, or wounded military service members and veterans compete in various sporting competitions. As Fraser sees it, her appearance is an ‘insult’ to vets with disabilities.

Why would he write such a dreadful thing? Because he doesn’t like her husband. On top of that, this presents a fantastic opportunity for him to insult the commander-in-chief while pointing out that Trump has been insulting to others. That’s some pretty stunning logic, to say the least.

“They’ve all proven to be little more than whimpering sycophants before a patriarch who has proven to be, at best, a rather stupid, manipulative madman with no impulse control,” he writes, in reference to Trump’s family.

Alright. So now we’re going to pull families into this to prove our point about how downright dreadful Trump is. How incredibly upstanding of the author.

“Melania Trump coming to Canada as an emissary of the Invictus Games is exactly the kind of hypocrisy we don’t need in Canada - or anywhere - at any time,” Fraser continues.

So exactly what has Fraser so riled up about this specific event? During the presidential campaign, Trump called out a reporter that had changed a story about him. The reporter just so happens to be disabled, and Trump was animated while discussing it at a rally. This was interpreted as Trump making fun of the reporter's disability. For Trump’s part, he has continually stated that he was doing no such thing.

“For the 100th time, I never ‘mocked’ a disabled reporter (would never do that) but simply showed him … ‘groveling’ when he totally changed a 16 year old story that he had written in order to make me look bad. Just more very dishonest media,” he shared earlier this year.

In fairness to Fraser, he’s not the only one that has called out Melania’s appearance at the games as some sort of a problem. The Toronto Star published a letter from one of its readers that hit similar notes.

“Not only will the games be tarnished by her presence, but her trip may undo much of the goodwill our government has actively pursued to get a fair trade deal for Canada,” the reader wrote.

Call us crazy, but it certainly looks like the Invictus Games is a convenient excuse to take some shots at the Trumps. That’s truly unfortunate, as the focus should be solely on the vets in attendance. Instead, it’s being treated as another opportunity to advance the anti-Trump narrative. As the president may say, that’s just sad.

Source: Heavy
Photo: YouTube

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