Melania Trump Is Fighting Back Against Chelsea Handler

The First Lady apparently isn't going to let attacks against her and her son slide. She's hiring a team to answer these attackers on social media.

Ever since President Donald Trump took his oath of office, a lot of people have abandoned the consensus that the family of the president should be treated with respect. Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler made fun of Melania Trump for having an accent. Though Mrs. Trump speaks five languages, English is not her first language.

Katie Rich, writer for 'Saturday Night Live,' Tweeted that Trump's 10-year-old son Barron would end up a 'homeschool shooter.'

Other tweets on inauguration day suggested Barron would soon be mutilating kittens or setting fires.

It's unclear exactly what the first lady's plans are, but her staff is currently interviewing someone for the position of social media secretary and communications chief.

Maybe this first lady's platform will be anti-bullying. Seems like many people who are opposed to her husband's win have given her the perfect springboard for it.

Source: Opposing Views
Photo: Wikimedia

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