Melania Latest Outfit Choice Is Drawing Quite The Mixed Reaction From Fashion Critics

It’s not easy being the First Lady of the United States. Virtually every move you make in the public eye is scrutinized endlessly, as is your choice of attire for whatever event you may be attending. Simply throwing your hair up and sliding into some comfy clothes won’t fly, as that will result in an endless amount of public ridicule and analysis.

As AOL shares, some of the reactions to Melania Trump’s latest choice of evening wear demonstrates that point perfectly.

FLOTUS attended a reception at the Ford’s Theatre in the nation’s capital in honor of President Abraham Lincoln's legacy last night. Melania looked stunning as always, but how well she wore what she was wearing was apparently open to a ton of interpretation.

While some observers felt she knocked it out of the park with her draped silk gown and matching pumps, others took the First Lady to task for mailing this one in. The truth? That probably lies somewhere in the middle, kind of like everything else swirling about the nation’s capital these days.

Melania looked perfectly fine for the evening, but some of her other choices of evening wear have definitely been more memorable.

As for the event itself, this was President Donald Trump’s first public appearance since the latest batch of terror attacks in London. While Trump had already addressed the matter on social media, this was his first opportunity to speak at length in public about the latest senseless attack.

“America sends our thoughts and prayers and our deepest sympathies to the victims of this evil slaughter and we renew our resolve, stronger than ever before, to protect the United States and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life, and it's gone on too long,” Trump said.

Trump has been pretty adamant that more must be done in the war on terror. That started back when he was on the campaign trail, and he’s been pounding the same drum since taking office. It’ll be interesting to see if his words lead to actions as we move forward, but it’s quite clear that something needs to be done.

“This bloodshed must end, this bloodshed will end,” Trump continued. “As president, I will do what is necessary to prevent this threat from spreading to our shores and work every single day to protect the safety and security of our country, our communities and our people.”

Trump’s remarks drew tremendous applause from the crowd, but critics were quick to pounce and note that his words could be used to incite even more attacks. As we’ve seen with the last few attacks, the jihadists really don’t need too much in the way of inspiration to set forth and wreak havoc.

Those that have already been successfully brainwashed are simply on a mission to kill others, all while knowing they’ll likely be slain while doing so.

That’s a terrifying thought, and it’s pretty hard to make the connection between Trump’s words and terrorists being pushed over the edge, as the jihadists leapt off that cliff a long time ago.

Source: AOL
Photos: MailOnline, JSquish/Wikimedia, YouTube

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