Man's Last Chilling Facebook Post Announces His Deadly Intentions (PHOTOS)

A New Hampshire man left a post on Facebook that sent his friends and family in a frantic tailspin. The shocking contents of the post revealed his intention to commit murder-suicide. Before anyone was able to get to him, he had carried out his plan successfully.

Mark Lavoie, 50, killed his wife Kathy in her hospital room, and then he killed himself. Shortly before the incident, Lavoie left a horrifying post about his intentions on Facebook.

Lavoie told loved ones in his message that it wasn't a murder/suicide he was planning to commit, but a double suicide. "My baby was trying to escape the bi-polar demons that have been swirling around in her brain since childhood and now because of my selfishness in dialing 911 she is experiencing the only thing she feared more than her illness…life support on a respirator."

Since he never made a will, Lavoie left his intentions about who was to inherit he and his wife's possessions. He detailed where all his important paperwork was as well, and requested his beneficiary to tend to the pets.

"Please don’t mourn for me, my spirit will be in a much better place with my soul mate; you may even catch a glimpse of us from time to time," Lavoie writes. "Well in all the years I’ve been on FB I never was one for posting any drama…..I was due one."

"Love you all, peace out!"

At that point, Lavoie signed off for good. Friends who got the message left desperate comments begging him to call or wait. They raced to get in touch and track him down. Casey Mitchell arrived at the hospital, but he was already too late. "I went right up to the reception desk and told them, ‘I’m a close friend of Mark,’" he said, and he urged them to call security.

Detectives informed him that he was too late. Lavoie had gone straight to his wife's hospital room, and soon staff heard shots ring. Authorities found the couple dead in the room.

Friends and family report the couple was very happy and in love, but Kathy's illness had become devastating. Lavoie apparently saw it as a mercy killing, and didn’t want to go on without her.

Source: Boston Globe

Photo: Facebook, NH1

Man sends one last message on Facebook.

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