Man Who Raped 2-Year-Old Learns His Fate, Stands Up And Makes Surprising Admission

An Ohio man convicted of raping a two-year-old girl and submerging her scalding hot water has been sentenced to life in prison. The maximum sentence was given due to the severity of the crime and the age of the victim. He continues to insist he's innocent.

Devante Gibbs, 24, made a statement at his sentencing to plead his case one last time and argue that he is innocent. The statement took 15 minutes for the convict to read.

Gibbs stood trial, but while the jury was deliberating, Gibbs had fled to California. He was convicted, then later found and extradited back to Ohio. He says while he was on the run, he hired a private investigator to examine the case. He told the judge his intent “I thought the truth, the facts and justice would prevail,” Gibbs said. “I risked life because I knew if the facts got brought up, you could see that I didn’t rape her.”

Throughout this process (Gibbs), has continued to demonstrate his demeanor as a disgusting human being and shows no remorse for what he has done to her,” said the victim's mother in a statement read by Lorain County Assistant Prosecutor, Stephanie Malanowski.

The mother's letter reveals the heartbreaking impact that the assault had on the child, who will have mental and physical scars for the rest of her life after the heinous crime. The mother didn’t initially believe Gibbs was responsible for her daughter’s injuries, but in time she came to believe he did it because his story wasn’t adding up.

“I can only imagine how that will manifest as she grows older as she begins to question the origins of her injuries,” Malanowski read. “It is my worst nightmare as her mother to look her in the eyes when she is older and explain to her how someone can be so sinister and violate her sweet innocence at the age of 2.”

Gibbs' attorney says they plan to appeal the sentence.

Source: The Morning Journal
Photo: The Morning Journal

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