Man Who Loves Sushi Is Horrified After Finding A Worm 'Wiggling Out' Of His Backside

A California man was a big fan of sushi, but after eating raw salmon on a daily basis he made a horrifying discovery in the bathroom. He found a tapeworm attempting to exit his body from the rear.

The Fresno man rushed to the emergency room and asked to be treated for worms. Doctors were skeptical at first, but the man had proof.

Dr. Kenny Bahn shared the story of the anonymous patient on the podcast, 'This Won't Hurt a Bit'. The patient was a fan of sushi and ate raw salmon almost every day.

He started complaining about bloody stool, but one day he was sitting on the toilet bowl and felt something unusual. Something was coming out of his rectum.

Initially, the man feared that his 'guts were coming out', but he then felt it moving. Quite disturbed, he rushed over to the hospital to get an examination.

When the patient arrived at the Community Regional Medical Center, he told the doctor that he had bloody diarrhea and felt something coming out of his backside. Bahn says he didn't initially believe the man, but in an examination, he saw it for himself.

The doctor pulled a long tapeworm out of the man's backside. Bahn wrapped it around an empty toilet paper cardboard tube as he pulled it out and noticed the creature was still moving.

Later, after taking some pictures, he unraveled the worm and measured it. The tapeworm was a startling five and a half feet long.

Bahn asked the man if he had been out of the country, but the man said he had not. After asking questions about his diet, they finally surmised that it was probably his daily sushi lunch that held the contamination.

Tapeworms lay eggs in raw fish, and the fish flesh can become infested with tiny larvae that is hard to see. Cooking fish will kill the larvae, but if the fish isn't cooked, or isn't cooked well, the human who eats it can end up infected with tapeworms.

Tapeworms thrive in the intestines and can grow to be nearly 50 feet long in just a matter of weeks. They can survive for years, going undetected, laying even more eggs that go on to infect other organs.

Symptoms of a tapeworm infection may include fatigue, constipation, abdominal discomfort or pain. Most individuals ignore the symptoms and don’t realize that anything is wrong.

If the infestation isn't treated, however, it can become serious, with larvae migrating to the liver, brain, heart or eyes. As the worms feast away at the tissue it can cause serious health problems.

The patient was actually quite relieved to discover that it wasn’t his internal organs spilling out of his rectum and that it was just a tapeworm. He was happy to undergo the worming treatment and put the incident behind him.

He says he doesn’t think he’ll be going out for sushi again anytime soon.

The very idea that a parasitic worm is wriggling around inside of your body is enough to make anyone sick, but it’s a risk sushi lovers will have to take. Even the most carefully handled fish can be contaminated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some wild-caught salmon in Alaska have been found to contain tapeworms.

Source: Daily Mail, Fox News
Photo: Pixabay, YouTube, Dr. Kenny Bahn/This Won't Hurt A Bit

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