Man Wakes Up To Find Someone Dumped Unusual Object On His Property: A House

A man in Canada woke up one morning and was driving past his large plot of land, when he noticed a new addition to his property: a new house. It had apparently been left there the night before. The curious man wasn't exactly sure what to do and wondered who the homeowner could be.

For Patrick Maze of Ontario, this was a new one. He'd seen trash left behind on his land before, but never an entire house. Not knowing what to do, the landowner snapped a photo of the home and posted it on Facebook.

"Have any of you ever found a house?" he asked in the post title.

"So I’ve never run into this situation before, but maybe my Facebook friends have, so I am reaching out for some guidance," Maze explains. "Perhaps someone stole it and took it for a joy ride, then ditched it on my property? There was no one in it, so I don’t think it’s a bold move by squatters."

The house looked brand new. It was a manufactured home on wheels, and was just left in the middle of an empty field. Maze wondered, "If I put a basement under it would I be able to keep it, under ‘finders-keepers’ laws?"

He then joked, "If you know someone who has lost a house, let me know. Of course, they must identify it before they can take it."

The post circulated for a while before the actual homeowner was found. Apparently, she was as perplexed as Maze was when it came to why her house had been left on his land.

Brenda Robertson jumped on the thread to claim the building. "That’s my house. There was a problem with the permits," she explained.

"They were 20 km from my place. Sask power stopped them and wouldn’t let them continue on. So I was told that they were going back to Winnipeg where it was built."

"It’s quite a surprise to see my house on your land," she added.

At least now the homeowner and the landowner can get together and decide where to go from here. Maybe Robertson can move in and pay Maze rent until the permits clear and allow her to get her house all the way to her own land.

A house might be a strange thing for a person to lose, but stranger things have happened. Just ask anyone who has worked for a 'lost and found' department anywhere in the world. Once in London, someone turned in a bag they found to police, and the bag contained two human skulls. Thankfully, the skulls belonged to a university professor who used them for lectures.

One transit worker was stunned when someone left a sword behind on public transportation. And one ferry boat lost and found counter person was baffled when someone lost a breast implant. In London, someone left a live puffer fish behind on public transportation.

At Walt Disney World, castmates say that they've put several glass eyes over the years in their lost and found boxes. It's unclear just how someone could lose an eye and not notice - you think they'd realize when they looked around that they can't see and would start searching for it.

Internationally renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma, probably made the biggest faux pas when he left his cello in the taxi. The instrument was worth $2.5 million - thankfully he got it back, though!

Source: Metro
Photo: Patrick Maze/Facebook

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