Man Tries To Stop Traffic During Protest - That Was A Huge Mistake

Protesters were out in Ferguson, Missouri for the second anniversary of Michael Brown's death. As one stepped too far out into the middle of the street he was hit by a car. Soon after, shots were fired.

A camera caught the entire chaotic scene on the street that night. A protester stepped out into the driving lane near the middle of the street when a driver plowed into him. He was thrown several feet and the driver kept going.

Other protesters tried to stop the driver, who turned around and drove away. That's when shots rang out.

At least 20 rounds were fired, causing protesters to run and seek cover. They carried the man hit by the car to safety.

The car driver hit a dead end, turned around and drove in the other direction.

“A young lady pulled out a gun and tried shooting out her tires,” Ferguson Freedom Fighters member Larry Miller commented to the Daily News. “They were chasing the car; she was driving to get away because she didn’t know it was a dead end in the McDonald’s parking lot.”

The woman driving the car did not hit the protester intentionally, according to a spokesperson for the city. After hitting the man, with other protesters chasing down her car, she feared for her life. Several bullet holes were found in her vehicle though no one in the car was injured. No charges were pressed.

Source: ABC News Go
Photo: Tribunist

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