Man Suddenly Collapses In The Airport - Here’s The Heartbreaking Reason Why

A Sudanese man and his wife fled their war-torn village one night in 2012 with their children in tow. The wife was pregnant, and the couple had no proof of their legal marriage. They were sent to separate refugee settlement camps, and for a while they feared they would never see each other again.

Dyan, the husband, was sent to a single man resettlement camp in Africa. Alik, his pregnant wife with two children, was sent to the United States. When she arrived, she feared she'd lost her husband forever. She had no idea how she was going to care for her two children and herself, let alone with one more baby on the say.

Alik was blessed to have been placed in Fort Worth, Texas with volunteers from Catholic Charities. Two women, Molly and Mary Claire, were matched with Alik's family and promised to help the terrified woman.

Molly and Mary Claire bonded with Alik and her children. They took her and the kids into their own homes. The two women were there when Alik gave birth. They also helped her search for Dyan.

The women searched tirelessly for four years, even though there was little to no hope that they'd ever find him. They submitted paperwork, contacted politicians, spoke with immigration attorneys and called social workers. Everyone told the women it was unlikely Dyan would ever be found.

Then, a miracle happened. They were able to not only track down Dyan, but get him on a plane to Texas. Molly, Mary Claire, Alik and the children waited excitedly and nervously at the airport for Dyan to get off the plane.

When the dad disembarked, he immediately broke into tears. His eight-year-old son, who had not seen him since age four, rushed into his arms. Alike broke down as Dyan held his 3-year-old son for the first time. Molly and Mary Claire, also crying, comforted their friend.

Finally, Dyan stepped forward and was reunited with his wife. Overcome by emotion, he tearfully dropped down to his knees and gave thanks to God. The touching reunion, captured on film, is enough to make anyone cry.

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