Man Spotted Urinating On American Flags in Veterans Cemetery Infuriates Locals

Police are searching for a man in Massachusetts for public urination and desecrating the American flag. The man and an accomplice were spotted in the middle of a day at a veteran's cemetery gathering flags and urinating on the pile.

A passerby saw him and tried to intervene, but the suspects got away. Police are trying to identify the suspects.

George Gatteny, a resident of Somerville, a town that lies just a few miles northwest of Boston, reported the incident. he witnessed two people-- a man and a woman-- walking into the Somerville Veterans Memorial Cemetery while he was stuck in traffic.

As Mr. Gatteny watched, he observed the two individuals yanking American flags that had been planted in the graves of veterans. He saw them rip out four flags in all. They then threw them on the ground haphazardly in a pile.

The man unbuckled his belt, zipped down his pants, pulled out his penis and urinated on the pile of flags, much to Gatteny's horror.

Gatteny jumped out of his vehicle and headed into the cemetery to confront the man and his companion. "I started yelling at them to stop, asking him as I approached 'what the hell he was doing,'" he tells "He stopped urinating, pulled up his pants and started walking out of the memorial."

"At that point I was outraged, I couldn't believe what I was seeing," he added.

Gattney snapped photos of the two and reported the incident to the police. He says the pair looked like they were in their twenties. Both suspects are white. The man has blonde hair and tattoos on one arm. The woman has black hair.

Somerville police say they are now diligently working to identify the suspects using the photos taken by the witness.

“This cemetery contains the remains of heroes killed in action from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and one hero [who] died in the Beirut bombing in 1982,” read a Facebook post on Somerville VETS social media page. “The Somerville Police have been notified and efforts are being made to identify the culprits who participated in this abominable act. If you have any information on the identity of these individuals, please contact the Somerville Police Department.”

The post stirred outrage among locals.

"Find them and deport them. See how they like it in other countries. Oh, and they aren't allowed back in the USA. Can't respect us, see ya," responded one Facebook user.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone issued a statement about the issue. “If these allegations are true, they are offensive not only to our community and our own veterans, but to our entire nation and those who served and continue to serve,” he said. “Following the full investigation by the Somerville Police Department, I am confident that anyone who may be found guilty will be held fully responsible for these despicable actions.”

Another alleged witness later said they spotted the couple leaving the cemetery. "Both of them walked up Broadway laughing," the person said on Facebook.

"The female is a Graduate Student at Tufts and lives in Teele Square. The post was shared over 20K times and people on the ground recognized her. I expect the male will be identified shortly," reported another Facebook user, though the report is unconfirmed.

Source: MassLive
Photos: George Gatteny/Facebook

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