Man Facing Charges After Following Muslim Couple In Car, Screaming Slurs At Them

A man in Oregon is facing a judge in court after he was charged with a hate crime. The man spotted African-American Muslims and chased them for 20 blocks in his truck as he harassed and screamed at them.

He is pleading not guilty, saying he acted out of 'lack of education'.

Just two days after two men were stabbed to death in Portland, Oregon defending two young Muslim girls from a white racist attacking them, another white man said, 'fear and paranoia' took over him when he spotted a Muslim couple. Frederick Nolan Sorrell allegedly hopped in his truck and chased the couple for about 20 blocks while screaming racial slurs and trying to hit their vehicle.

The 49-year-old drove parallel to the victim’s car and shouted things such as 'take off that f--king burka', 'this is America' and 'go back to your f--king country', according to reports. The couple says he threatened them by aiming a finger at them and as though he were pulling the trigger of a gun.

The incident occurred just two days after the Islamophobic Portland attack, and emotions were running high.

Sorrell describes his own actions to KATU News, claiming he never saw anyone in a burka before. “I yelled at them, I said, 'Take that off. Go back to your country if you want to wear that.... I've never seen where it’s [niqab]. I’ve seen other hijabs, colorful and I smile at them. I think they are very colorful and I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t have anything against Muslims. I was scared when I saw it."

Sorrell cried in court and pleaded not guilty to second-degree intimidation and hate crime charges. He claims he never intended to hurt the couple, and that he wasn't making a trigger motion; he was simply pointing at them.

"I never tried to run into them. I was just going to work. I never tried to follow them. I never tried to make contact with them after the fact," he said to KGW, claiming that he was 'ignorant' about other races.

"I guess my fear and paranoia, I just yelled out. I don't go on social media looking to hate on people… I guess my ignorance and my stupidity is why I opened my mouth, and I shouldn't have and I claim full responsibility," he explained.

Sorrell is currently out on bail, but he's been restricted from using Facebook because he has a history of making discriminatory comments.

Sorrell made a generic apology via KGW. "I don't know who you are. I'm sorry I blurted out what I blurted out, my paranoia my fear. I don't hate you I don't know you," he said.

"I don't wish death upon these people," he added.

Sorrell says he is open to a face-to-face meeting with the victims so that he could discuss the incident and apologize. "I just don't know them, and all I know is fear-based information."

This is not the first time Sorrell has been in trouble with the law. In 2001, he was convicted of rape.

Source: Daily Mail, KATU 2
Photos: MailOnline, Portland Police Bureau, YouTube, miss_ohara/Flickr, KATU

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