Man Returns Home After Fleeing 70 Years Ago, Finally Yanks Cord In Attic - Makes Huge Discovery (Video)

Rudi Schlattner was only a child when he and his family left their Czechoslovakia home in 1945. They were trying to escape the Soviet invasion and were forced to leave everything nearly everything they owned and start anew.

Rudi, who is now approaching 90, still remembered when and where his family left their belongings and decided to return to see if the items were still in the attic of his old house. The house has been made into a kindergarten a few years ago, and Rudi had trouble even recognizing the place.

With the permission of the owners, Rudi went up to the attic and pulled a string that was amazingly still attached to a loose board. And that opened up the secret compartment.

Stunningly, all of the family’s belongings had been left untouched in the hidden compartment. The story is even more remarkable given the house had seen multiple owners and uses since the family’s treasured items were placed in the secret cache after WWII.

Rudi felt a flood of emotions as he went through his family belongings. The items included an old umbrella and a sewing kit, and dolls, games, and clothing, as well as paintings and some collectibles. While these were all important family items to Rudi, he knew he would not be able to take them back home to the U.S.

The employees at a local history museum heard about Rudi’s story and were intrigued and came by to appraise the items.

“We were surprised that so many ordinary things were hidden there,” museum employee, Thomas Okura explained in an interview. “Thanks to the circumstances, these items have a very high historical value.”

It turns out the Czech government ended up taking over Rudi’s family treasures as cultural artifacts, He is not upset, however, he says he is grateful that he found his family’s belongings again and that they managed to survive unscathed for all those decades.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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