Officer Helps Man Who Is Out Of Gas

Life has a way of doing a number on all of us from time to time. Seemingly minor inconveniences can spring up at the worst possible time, and a simple set of inconvenient circumstances can turn into a big deal in a hurry.

That’s the predicament this unidentified man in Knoxville, Tennessee found himself in. He ran out of gas, and he was left with no choice but to pull over on the side of the road. As Yahoo shares, that wasn’t the worst of it.

The man ran out of gas late in the evening, and he hadn’t had a chance to stop and cash his paycheck as of yet. He was flat broke and out of gas.

The man was simply sitting on the side of the highway, and we would imagine he was racking his brain trying to figure out what to do. Luckily for him, a kind officer from the Knoxville Police Department happened upon his vehicle, and he offered up a solution.

Local resident Travis Van Norstran saw the inspiring scene as it went down, and he took to social media to share what he saw.

“So I stopped at Pilot on Cumberland Ave today on my way home and noticed a Knoxville Police Department officer pull up to the pump and open the door for a gentleman that was sitting in the cruiser on the passenger side and out he steps with a gas can,” he wrote.

“The officer then walks to the pump reaches for his wallet, swipes his debit card and proceeds to fill the gentleman's gas can.”

For Van Norstran, there was much more at play than just a simply awesome gesture from a kind cop. He explained what it meant to him during an interview with Inside Edition.

“He [the officer] deserves the praise and recognition,” he said. “In a world of protest, hate, debate, racism, violence and lack of respect for one another, it's nice to know that there are officers such as this one [who] exemplify professionalism and what it means to protect and serve!”

Van Norstran’s post went viral, and the ensuing story made the story blow up even more. The Knoxville Police Department took the time to address it with a simple post on social media.

“It's small things such as this that make our police officers not only human, but it also shows how caring and compassionate they are for the people they serve,” the department wrote.

Buried inside of the little feel good story is a valuable takeaway that we can all keep in mind. Despite all the tensions out there in the world, the vast majority of people genuinely want to help others in need.

As such, they won’t think twice when they find someone in a precarious situation. Police officers across the nation have that mindset, but that gets lost in the shuffle when high-profile incidents unfold. If we can all just keep that in mind, perhaps the result will be a lessening of hostility towards those that protect and serve.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Travis Van Norstran, The Pooch Times, Yellow Hammer News, Financial Tribune

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