Unnamed Man Stuns Delayed Travelers With Impromptu R&B Performance

If you have ever travelled in an airplane, you’ll understand how frustrating flight delays can be. For regular travelers and vacationers, flight delays might even impact your ability to conduct business or attend pre-booked events.

In many cases, there is nothing you can do to quicken the wait time, often leaving people bored, on their phones, or spending their hard-earned money at airport stores.

However, one traveler at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has found an ingenious new way to pass the time if your flight is delayed. After hearing about his own flight delay, this cheerful traveler approached the flight terminal and took the microphone for the Gate B7 lounge speakers.

As confused airport officials looked on, the unnamed traveler began to enthusiastically perform his own rendition of Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’. The incredible moment was captured on a bystander’s phone and a 1:12-minute video with audio has since been uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

As other travelers look on in bemusement, the boisterous performer begins shuffling back and forth, encouraging the gate officials to groove along with him. Within seconds, the confident man inspires a group of other travelers to sing and dance with him.

As the entertainment continues, the unnamed man nods along and dances appreciatively after receiving some cheers and claps from the throng of laughing travelers. Near the end of the video, the passionate singer points his makeshift microphone side-to-side, urging other people to sing the well-known chorus to ‘No Diggitty’ – an R&B track which reached Number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

After wrapping up his song, the unnamed man gives the airline check-in staff a grateful hug and laughs with the cheering audience. The heart-warming and slightly goofy video later went viral when Mike Vadala, the man who captured the impromptu performance, uploaded it to Facebook and YouTube.

After being posted to the ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook page, the video received over 15 million views and thousands of comments. “I love seeing strangers, laughing and enjoying the moment together,” wrote one admiring Facebook user, Dottie Moffitt. “We all aren't that different, at the end of the day.”

Another commenter, Brandy McClain Hallock, was impressed by the man’s self-assurance and fun personality, adding: “He is great. Too cool! What a fun thing to do at a crowded gate.”

Michelle Linne quickly agreed, writing: “How is this guy not married?? (I didn't see a ring)…I’ve witnessed a few performances at this gate in person. It always cheers up the travelers. Shout out to these gate attendants for their positive actions.”

Other social media users have praised the video for its effect on their own happiness. One Daily Mail commenter, known as ‘cmjaz’, revealed that the video had brightened his own day, writing: “I, for one, laughed out loud watching this in my living room. Good to do something crazy and unexpected in your life once in awhile.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Mike Vadala/Facebook

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