Man Panics When He’s Pulled Over During A Traffic Stop - Then He’s Instructed To Follow The Cop

A Michigan man got pulled over by a police officer, and says his 'heart dropped.' When the cop saw, what was going on inside the car, he did something that the man will never forget.

LaVonte Dell of Westland was pulled over for his tinted windows. He was nervous when the police officer approached. Officer Joshua Scaglione immediately notice something else wrong when he stepped up to the car. Dell's 3-year-old daughter, Lauren, was not in a car seat.

Officer Scaglione asked Dell why the little girl wasn't in a car seat and explained that it was not safe. "He teared up a little bit and told me he was going through some tough times," said Scaglione.

"When he asked me to step out of the car, I was expecting the worst," says Dell.

Instead of the worst happening, Scaglione talked to Dell for a while to find out what was going on. The officer then took the dad and little girl shopping at a nearby Walmart and paid for a brand-new car seat out of his own pocket.

Dell drove away without a ticket, and with his daughter safely buckled into a car seat. He forgot to get the officer's name, so he posted an account of the incident to Facebook.

"I feel like he should get the recognition. Everyone should know what he did," said Dell.

The post has gone viral. Dell says that his perception of the police has forever been changed, and Scaglione is very happy about that.

Source: WXYZ
Photo: Conservative Tribune

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